Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snowflakes... no pics yet...

Well, tomorrow I have to identify an unknown sample of bacteria, which means that today I have to put together my "cheat sheet" with all the different tests to perform (Gram, acid fast, and a whole host of other things... citrate, oxidase.... blah blah blah, right?)
BUT yesterday... I got the 24 Snowflakes by Bjorn. Since they all looked so wonderful, I handed the book to Livi and told her to pick out which one I would do first.  She picked the ninth.... I looked at it.  Looked back and her and with a very unsure tone said, "Um, are you sure?" So, when I take a break from studying, I'm working on that :o) She calls it the up and down one :o) So, whenever I get that done I'll have a picture.  I'm doing it in size 40 Confetti and it looks pretty cool so far. I've just never done the "block" tatting. That is what it is called, right?

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